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E-mail Attachments - 2/6/2007 - Please be conscious of how large your e-mail attachments are. Our server is able to handle very large attachments, but when you send those large attachments to other people such as dial-up customers, it may take them several hours to download the message you have sent them, possibly preventing them from getting other important e-mails. When sending a large file, consider using another method such as FTP or burning it on a CD. A normal text e-mail could be from 8 kb up to 500 kb for a lot of text or a small attachment. When sending a large attachment over 1 MB you are likely to cause issues for whoever is receiving the message.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting - 1/21/2007 - A number of our users have had trouble with their e-mail blacklists. Please do not blacklist random spam messages. Blacklisting these messages will not stop them because their "From" addresses change every time. Utilize the white list to approve known senders, and only use the blacklist to block messages from a specific address. Overusing the blacklist results in reduced performance for your e-mail and you risk accidentally blocking all incoming e-mail. If you have questions, please e-mail clark@brittonsd.com

E-mail users - 8/10/06 - If you are getting less e-mail than normal lately to your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder in your webmail, at http://mail.brittonsd.com. Your messages may have been mistakenly marked as SPAM and caught there so that they don't clutter your inbox. To fix this problem, approve the senders of those messages by using the whitelist feature. Instructions with pictures are posted in the ProTECH Webmail Tutorial. Please continue to e-mail clark@brittonsd.com with questions. Thanks!

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Recommended Free Downloads:
For reading and sending e-mail, we recommend and use Mozilla Thunderbird. It has an intelligent junk mail filter, which when combined with our on-site filtering technology, can greatly decrease junk mail and SPAM in your inbox.
For preventing and removing spyware from your computers, we recommend and use Spybot Search & Destroy. The best way to prevent spyware is by being careful about what you click on, but we have been successful using Spybot to repair many problems.

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ProTECH is your local Internet Service Provider.  We have a number of service plans to meet our customers' needs. We offer dialup and dedicated high speed connections.  All of our dialup access is 33.6 capable.

ProTECH Engineering serves Britton and Langford, South Dakota.
For more information call Mark at home, or e-mail support@brittonsd.com.

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